Asylum Rights Programme now fully up and running!

After a short establishment phase, DPIA’s delivery of the Asylum Rights Programme is now up and running and delivering the following:

Asylum Seeker and Refugee Advocacy Forums

Advocacy Forums are a safe space created to empower asylum seekers and refugees to highlight and challenge the issues which affect them. Facilitated by DPIA together with Volunteer Forum Champions, advocacy forums run on a monthly basis and provide an opportunity for sanctuary seekers to learn about certain topics and communicate their opinions to professionals with responsibility in those areas. Advocacy Forums are also used as a space to inform members of local and national consultations and campaigns and support their engagement in these.

Please note: These forums are open ONLY to asylum seekers or refugees, unless otherwise invited.

Awareness Raising Training

Awareness Raising Training, Workshops and Lectures are an opportunity for the pubic and professionals across Wales to increase their understanding of the lives that asylum seekers face and lead, from arrival in the UK until gaining refugee status and beyond. With an aim to create a culture of welcome across Wales, sessions are co-delivered with a Volunteer Sanctuary Speaker, who is an expert by experience. 

Collaborating with City of Sanctuary UK

Within the Asylum Rights Programme, DPIA are also collaborating with City of Sanctuary UK’s Wales Coordinator on elements of the following:

  • National events
  • Local City of Sanctuary groups
  • Nation of Sanctuary
  • CoS UK Spokesperson network
  • Asylum Matters

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