Afghan Relocation Scheme

Following a petitioning campaign led by leading military personnel, the UK Government established a special scheme to relocate eligible Afghan citizens who had been employed by the British armed forces in Helmand in roles that had exposed them to danger.

Qualifying individuals and their immediate family members were made an offer by the British government. One of the options on offer was an invitation to come to the UK to settle.
Individuals who chose that option were offered 5 years limited leave to remain under special settlement visas.

Individual local authorities across the UK were invited to participate in the Afghan Relocation Scheme. Monmouthshire County Council ( was (and remains) the first and only Council in Wales to take part in the scheme, aligning its commitment to the scheme with the aims and objectives of its Armed Forces Covenant.

Displaced People in Action have been proud to work with Monmouthshire County Council as service delivery partner for their Afghan Interpreters and Translators Relocation Scheme.
DPIA’s resettlement team ‘meet and greet’ the scheme arrivals at the airport and engage in a 4month programme of support and orientation to integrate them into their new lives in the county.

We assist the individuals to integrate into the local community in many ways, explaining amongst other things how to use the public transport network, how to apply for a national insurance number, obtain a provisional driving licence and most importantly, to provide employment advice to enable the ex-translators into employment.

To date we have assisted 16 people on the scheme and provided each with the necessary support to begin their new lives in the United Kingdom.

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