Asylum Rights Programme

Within this project, DPIA are delivering the following elements of work:

Asylum Seeker and Refugee Advocacy Forums

(being run in Swansea and Cardiff 2018-19, to be expanded to Newport and Wrexham 2019-20)

Advocacy Forums are a safe space created to empower asylum seekers and refugees to highlight and challenge the issues which affect them. Facilitated by DPIA together with Volunteer Forum Champions, advocacy forums run on a monthly basis and provide an opportunity for sanctuary seekers to learn about certain topics and communicate their opinions to professionals with responsibility in those areas. Advocacy Forums are also used as a space to inform members of local and national consultations and campaigns and support their engagement in these.

Please note: These forums are open ONLY to asylum seekers or refugees, unless otherwise invited.

If you would like to attend, or know someone who might, or if you have any consultations which you wish to present to the members, please contact Leila Usmani, our Project Officer, at / 07496 840 479.

Please feel free to download, print and share the following flyers:

Cardiff Advocacy Forum – Flyer – English (Welsh coming soon)

Swansea Advocacy Forum – Flyer – English (Welsh coming soon)


Awareness Raising Training

Awareness Raising Training, Workshops and Lectures are an opportunity for the pubic and professionals across Wales to increase their understanding of the lives that asylum seekers face and lead, from arrival in the UK until gaining refugee status and beyond. With an aim to create a culture of welcome across Wales, sessions are co-delivered with a Volunteer Sanctuary Speaker, who is an expert by experience. Sessions can be tailored to length, target group and topic of focus, and is delivered for free, however donations are welcome and will contribute to the St David’s Uniting Church Fund.

Sanctuary Speakers are also available to speak at events. However, we never ask our Speakers to talk about why, or how they have come to the UK. This is not only to protect them from having to re-live traumatic experiences, it is also to protect audiences from vicarious trauma. Here at DPIA we understand that a culture of welcome is not dependent on someone’s reasons for being here, but should be extended to all sanctuary seekers across Wales and the UK regardless. Please be considerate of this when contacting us for speakers/training.

Please note: Training delivery is dependent on availability of staff and speakers, as well as accessibility of venue. If DPIA cannot deliver to your organisation or group, we will try are best to put you in touch with someone else who can.

If you would like us to deliver a session, or know someone who might like to volunteer as a Sanctuary Speaker, contact Leila Usmani, our Project Officer at / 07496 840 479

Please feel free to download, print and share the following flyers:

Sanctuary Speakers Flyer – English

Taflen Siaradwyr – CYMRAEG

Collaborating with City of Sanctuary UK

Within the Asylum Rights Programme, DPIA are also collaborating with City of Sanctuary UK’s Wales Coordinator on elements of the following:

  • National events
  • Local City of Sanctuary groups
  • Nation of Sanctuary
  • CoS UK Spokesperson network
  • Asylum Matters