St. David’s Uniting Church Fund

Saint David’s Uniting Church

Many asylum seekers and refugees face considerable barriers to accessing education and employment. The donations that we have received since 2006 from Saint David’s Uniting Church in Pontypridd have been instrumental in supporting many individuals whose needs could not otherwise have been met from our other projects.

The Church’s donations have filled an important gap in provision and have enabled DPIA to be able to support vulnerable individuals along a route to re-training.  

 Through the financial help offered by Saint David’s Uniting Church, DPIA has to date been able to support over 100 individuals to be able to continue their education and training.

Some examples of the support offered include the following:     

  Ms FB Social Psychology Course, Cardiff CFLL £102.00
  Ms MK Computers and Internet Introduction Course (Cardiff CC) £21.00
  Mr SA English for Academic Purpose, Coleg Gwent, Newport £146.25
  Ms. EY Reg Fee  for FT Access to Nursing Course Coleg Gwent £10.00
  Ms. NM Registration Fee for Adult Foundation L2 at CAVC £15.00
  Ms. SO Registration Fee for IT Course at Gower College £26.40
  Mr. NH Financial support towards Student Bus Pass £100.00
  Mr. BB Reg Fee for IT Skills at Dynevor Centre of Swansea Council £22.00
  Ms. DG UCAS Application Fee for UG Degree Course £23.00
  Ms. NA Course Fee: Gower College, Pre Access Course (Nursing) £90.00
  Mr. OK Course fee for Basic Welsh Course in Newport £17.60
  Mr. QM Travel grant to attend DPIA’s RfW training sessions £28.90
  Ms. QQ Travel grant to attend DPIA’s RfW training sessions £28.90


Whilst this fund is financed by the very kind donations of Saint David’s Uniting Church Fund, we invite you to make a donation too so that we can continue to support the education and training of refugees and asylum seekers in Wales. You can donate here.