Throughout its history, DPIA has been involved in multiple research papers and campaigns. Here’s some information about some of the main ones…


The HEAR study (Health Experiences of Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Wales) was designed to investigate the health, wellbeing and healthcare experience of adult asylum seekers and refugees in Wales. As Gill Richardson, Assistant Director for Policy, Research and International Development, said: “Refugees and asylum seekers make a huge contribution to Welsh society. However, the experience of seeking asylum can be very traumatising adding to existing bereavement, transition, loss and stress. We have a responsibility to ensure that services meet the needs of all in our communities, and that no one is left behind. Conducting this research accomplished an essential role in discovering what the health needs and experiences of asylum seekers are, so that organisations can be informed as to how they should adapt their services. DPIA played a crucial role in the production of this study, facilitating data collection through connecting academics with refugee and asylum seeking individuals that were willing to participate in the research, and in some cases, join the research team.

The full report can be read here.
Read more about the report on the Public Health Wales website.

Education for Refugee and Asylum Seeking Children: Access and Equality in England, Scotland and Wales

"Education is a right for every child and a critical opportunity. For children and adolescents worldwide, it holds the key to a life with less poverty, better health and an increased ability to take the future into their own hands. For nations, it holds the key to prosperity, economic growth, and poverty reduction."

Louise Kalicinski (Children and Young Person’s Project Worker) and Faruk Ogut (Chief Coordinator and Resettlement Team Coordinator) were key informants interviewed for the production of this research. To read its findings in full, click here.